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Google Calendar, in turn, shifts to the updated Material You interface

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Google has upgraded Google Calendar App, and it now takes advantage of the new interface that will function handy with Android 12.

The final copy of Google’s next operating system is expected to be dispatched in the early weeks of this coming October. One of the desired features from Android 12 is the Material You interface that permits the Pixel smartphones to download a series of wallpapers unswervingly in the App.

Google has consistently been on the verge of making Sure that its applications stay updated with its latest OS version. It started with the Google Contacts, Google Messages, Google Chrome and  now Google Calendar app that benefits from a narrower redesign, as spotted by Android Police

The compatibility of Google’s calendar application with the Material You interface is refined. Previously the top of the screen was always shown in white impartial to the frieze. However, the top will also adapt the wallpaper’s colour, while the frieze on the other end will be shown with a constant color on Android 12. These significant changes were facilitated except for the shades of the calendar itself.

For mobiles phone on Android 11, the edge will be shown in light blue at the Top region to maintain a white background for the rest of the edges. To add your different calendars, shades will remain constant so as not to trouble users often.

Another change that we can’t fail to mention is the shape of events in the calendar that will be shown with very rounded edges instead of the present rectangles that we are used to. The plus button that allows the accumulation of events will also change to be shown in a supplement of the original color of the OS.

The updated version of the Google calendar is still being dispatched. However, in the coming days, all gadgets should have them.

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