New iPad Mini: the distribution time shifts to November, reliant on the model selected


The new iPad mini appears to be an enormous success, and a few models already see their distribution date pushed back.

It is expected to be released this month, precisely on the 24th. However, counting on the configuration chosen, there are some indications that the iPad mini might not arrive as expected.

Does iPad mini continue to be successful?

Formalized aboard with the new iPhone on the occasion of the keynote signed by Apple some days ago(14th September), the new iPad mini of Apple is predicted to be available from 24th September. A small iPad displayed from 559 euros(Around Ksh 72,120) in its basic configuration, which is already meeting its little success.

Indeed, on the American Apple Store website, some configurations of the iPad mini are significantly widespread, such a lot that the latter currently have a delivery date scheduled for October, or maybe Nov.

As for Apple’s Kenya store, nothing is going about the new iPad mini(Not even a mention). However, let us wait to see if the delivery date is from 24th September or November. We will update the of course, if there are changes