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How to Use Siri While Not Connected to the Internet on iPhone and iPad (without Internet)

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With iOS 15, Apple is gradually improving its virtual assistant game. Thanks to the new operating system, Siri can now help you even when you’re not connected to the Internet.

Let’s look at how to enable Siri without an internet connection, as well as some of the voice commands you can use with it, in this detailed guide.

iOS 15 finally makes use of your iPhone’s processing power. Siri can now understand and respond to your commands without the need for an internet connection. So, whether you’re in a poor connection area or even in-flight mode, you can use Siri without having to wait for it to load.

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The following are the iPads and iPhones that support Siri without the need for an internet connection.

  • iPhone XS and later models (except iPhone SE)
  • Mini iPad (5th Gen)
  • Air (iPad) (3rd and 4th Gen)
  • The iPad (8th Gen)
  • The iPad Pro (2017 and later)

First and foremost, you must download and install iOS 15 on your iPhone. Apple says the stable iOS 15 release will be “in the fall,” but you don’t have to wait for it. On iOS 15 Beta, you can also enable offline Siri. Here’s how to do it:

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How to Use Offline Siri on an iPhone Running iOS 15

  • Navigate to the iPhone Settings app.
  • Scroll to the bottom and select Siri & Search.
  • Please keep in mind that Offline Siri currently only works in English (United States). However, more language support will be added soon.
  • Choose a Language English (United States).

How to Use Siri Without an Internet Connection on an iPhone

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Timers and alarms can be set.

When Siri is not connected to the Internet, you can now ask it to set timers and alarms by saying, “set a timer for 5 minutes” or “set the alarm for 10 AM.”

If you’re anything like me and set hundreds of alarms to wake up every morning, you can now ask Siri to “turn off all the alarms” when you (finally) wake up. Google Assistant does not yet support this feature.

Siri will also provide visual confirmation of what it understands as you speak, allowing you to reset the timers immediately.

Change the theme of your iPhone.

Offline Siri can be used to enable or disable dark mode on your iPhone. To activate it, say “turn on dark mode” or “turn off dark mode.”

Offline Siri, on the other hand, does not yet support increasing or decreasing the brightness of your iPhone. Hopefully, the feature will be included in a later update.

Start apps, listen to music or make a phone call.

You can ask Siri to do simple things like play and pause music or launch apps. To quickly launch the Photos app on your iPhone, summon Siri and say, “launch Photos.” Similarly, you can instruct Siri to call a contact by saying, “Hey Siri, call [contact’s name].”

Change iPhone’s Settings

 Change iPhone’s Settings Siri can also make changes to your iPhone’s settings. You can enable or disable Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, as well as ask Siri to activate your iPhone’s mobile data.

Read messages and notifications.

In iOS 15, Siri can also read notifications and messages. Simply telling Siri to “read all the notifications” will cause it to begin reading your recent announcements one by one.

Why is it better to use Siri without cellular data?

The ability to use Siri without an internet connection is one of the most apparent benefits of using Siri offline. However, there are a few additional vital advantages that make this feature stand out.

  • One of the most significant advantages of this feature is that Siri now attempts to perform speech recognition on-device. Because the virtual assistant performs tasks on the device, your speech data is never sent outside your iPhone.
  • Siri now stores all data required for speech recognition on your iPhone, allowing it to process voice commands more quickly. This means that it does not need to connect to the Internet to upload your speech data, process it, and complete your requested task.

As a result of on-device data processing, using Siri is now faster than ever. Try using Siri without an internet connection, and you’ll see how fast it is.

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