Airtel has partnered with World Remit to allow customers to receive money from 129 countries around the world.


Airtel has partnered with World Remit through its e-money platform Airtel Money to enable Airtel customers to receive money from 129 countries worldwide for free.

World Remit is an international money transfer service that enables people worldwide to send money directly to Airtel Money wallets in a quick, affordable, secure, and straightforward manner.

Airtel Money customers will be able to receive funds directly into their wallets and transact by sending or withdrawing money, paying bills, or using the Lipa na Airtel Money options due to this partnership.

Mobile Money services continue to proliferate in Kenya as a result of increased technological penetration. According to the third quarter sector statistics from January to March 2021, the number of active mobile money subscriptions increased by 2% to 33.1 million.

Active mobile money agents, on the other hand, increased to 275,907 from 264,390. This increase emphasizes the growing need for customers to access mobile financial services such as Airtel Money, particularly during the current pandemic.

Airtel Kenya Managing Director Prasanta Das Sarma commented on the partnership with World Remit, saying, “Our partnership with World Remit underpins the growth we see in this market.” The number of new registered Airtel Money customers and the volume of transactions continue to grow. Our customers can be assured of seamless services around the world thanks to this collaboration. Airtel Money continues to provide all Kenyans with fast, secure, and affordable services.”

Users must be registered with Airtel Money to use the service. There are transaction limits with Airtel Money.