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How to Fax from iPhone with a Free Fax Number

Are you in need of faxing from your iPhone and searching for a reliable way to do so? If yes, so you have just arrived at the exact place. Today, we will present before you a tool by saying goodbye to your traditional faxing method and welcome a whole new method with plenty of benefits.

This method will allow you to send a fax on the go. There is no need to have telephone connectivity or stable lines, just a stable internet connection, and you are great to run your faxing errand. Seems interesting, right? Just read this piece till the end and get amazed by all the facilities and perks it furnishes its users with.

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CocoFax is a faxing service allowing its users to fax internationally without any hindrance. It is currently operating in 189 countries. And not only individuals but also top-class businesses are using its high-class services for business communications and deals. 

CocoFax has gained quite a good reputation by providing next-gen faxing tools and loyalty to its customers. It never discloses data of one party to another. Eventually, it has been ranked number 1 in online faxing software

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Since many of the applications are already available in the market, there is still no other application like CocoFax. It has everything which anyone could need to do professional fax. 

Positive Reviews

People genuinely love the services provided by CocoFax. Hence it has several positive reviews by its users from around the world. Almost every user is satisfied with its services. You can go through the reviews which are available on its homepage.

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How to fax from an iPhone

Faxing via phone is pretty much more accessible than doing it with the conventional method. All you need to have is a stable internet connection and an account at the official site of CocoFax. 

If you have the account, it is well and good, or else create it. It won’t take long to be completed. It depends upon you whether you will fax via email or do so with google fax.

Follow the following steps to send a fax:


Login to your CocoFax account.


Tap the send ‘fax button’ placed on the dashboard. Now enter the fax number of the recipient in the ‘To’ field. After this upload, the documents are to be faxed. 

Multiple formats are supported by CocoFax, such as PDF, JPEG, PNG, XLS, TIFF, etc.


Once you are done with composing the fax, tap the ‘send button. CocoFax will also give you a notification when the fax is received by the receiver.

If you want to know more, you can pay a visit to the official site of CocoFax.

Advantages of faxing from iPhone

Faxing over telephone lines can be problematic. But when you choose to fax over the internet, it’s pretty evident that you are at the safe shore. Faxing via the internet is a lot more facile and time-saving. 

Free Fax number

CocoFax gives a choice to its customers to choose their fax number on their own. The client can go for a local or toll-free number. All according to his convenience. Further no additional charges the client has to pay for the fax number as it is free.  

Adaptable Faxing Solutions

It does not matter what size of business the client has. CocoFax has services for all. Whether the company is a startup or any individual wants to opt for the faxing services, CocoFax is there to provide them. All the clients are treated alike and are facilitated according to the type of subscription package they choose.

 Delivery reports

Once you have sent your fax, you don’t have to track it or look for it from time to time. As when the fax is received by the recipient, you will get an alert. Also, if, due to some reason, your fax isn’t sent after you have sent it. The system will automatically send it again. 

Permanent Storage

For the convenience of the users, CocoFax provides permanent and unlimited storage to the users. This means the users can keep their faxes safe until they want them. 

Also, CocoFax allows searchable faxes features by which the users can search the fax with a keyword in the search bar and get the desired fax within seconds. Then to find it among the lots of faxes and wasting time.  

Premium Security

CocoFax has the premium next-gen technology measures to provide high-class protection to its users regarding security. All the data of users is highly protected, and no third party can get access to it. Even the documents that users send are protected with 256-bit advanced encryption standards (AES).

Biometric System

For more security, CocoFax has launched a biometric system for cellular applications. The application won’t open unless the user scans his thumbprint. It eventually adds another layer of security to the data. And no one else than the user himself can open up the application.

Hassle-Free faxing 

CocoFax has covered their clients from all the side. It even allows international faxing. The user can be in one corner of the world and can still send it to the other corner of the world without any hassle. This not only enhances business communications but also gives one business exposure to working with international businesses.

Free trial

Since this service is relatively new and people usually do not invest in new things. To come up with this issue, CocoFax gives a 14-days free trial to the users. The users can avail themselves of a few facilities and get themselves familiar with this outclass faxing service.  

Money-back guarantee

CocoFax even gives a money-back guarantee. Suppose some user wants to draw from the services. He can do it at any time and can get his money back without any issues. This money-back guarantee is for the first 30 days. 

The withdrawal from services after 30 days won’t lend you the money back. For more information, you can visit its official page and learn more about it.

Subscription package

CocoFax has various packages to cover up the needs of all the users. The packages vary from the charges to the facilities they provide. The users can select the ones which suit best to their needs. Al the plans are very cost-effective and won’t be causing havoc on your pocket. 

Also, if the user runs out of the fax pages, he can get more by paying up a few bucks.


CocoFax is the best solution to fax from iPhone or any device. It has the best services to furnish the users with. It has next-gen technology to protect the users’ data, and it has one of the best customer care units to help out the users in need.

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