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Google Meet now can automatically adjust the brightness.

by Yvone Kendi
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Since the pandemic hit the world, how people go about their daily lives has changed dramatically, particularly for employees who work from home.

Several major technology companies released video calling apps, which were essential for people working or studying from home, taking advantage of the opportunity. Google Meet is another video calling app that has grown in popularity during this time. Google Meet receives frequent updates, adding new features to make it more useful.

Workers now work from home, students study from home, and people use video calling apps to meet and greet family members.

The most recent Google Meet update includes the ability to adjust the brightness of the webcam automatically. Yes! Google Meet will ensure that everyone on the video call can see each other, whether coworkers or friends.

Google Meet automatically adjusts brightness for the webcam feature that is already available.

Google Meet can now detect whether you or someone on a video call is underexposed due to poor lighting. The meet will automatically increase the brightness for these users in such cases.

Notably, this new Google Meet feature, which automatically adjusts the brightness of the webcam, is only available for the web version of the app.

Similarly, if someone is overlit due to poor lighting, Google Meet will automatically reduce the brightness. This will keep your feed clearer at all times.

According to Engadget, the feature was introduced last year to the Google Meet app for iOS and Android. The app uses AI (Artificial Intelligence) to analyze the light levels in your environment. Google Meet will adjust the brightness based on this. Furthermore, there is no admin control over this feature. Users will be able to disable this feature if they prefer to control things manually. However, Google warns that enabling this feature will cause your device to slow down.

Google Meet automatically adjust brightness for webcam feature is now available for Rapid Release domains. Starting on October 4, the Scheduled Release domain will be served with this feature. According to reports, the rollout will take about 15 days to complete. As a result, by the middle of October, everyone will be able to make clear video calls using the Google Meet web app. This feature is not intended to improve the quality of the feeds in any way but rather to provide users with a precise video feed even if they have a poor webcam.

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