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Volvo Silently Updates their Logo, goes Minimalistic

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Most companies create a lot of buzz when changing their logo, especially companies with global reach such as Volvo. Long press releases explaining the reason for changing Logos are published when such moves take place. Volkswagen and BMW have both changed their logo recently and it seems Volvo decided to follow suit without announcing it.

The redesigned logo is more minimalistic following a flat look. It has already been updated in Volvo’s social media accounts including Facebook and Instagram. This is the same design look followed by Volkswagen, Mini, Audi, Nissan, and Toyota.

Many changes have been happening within Volvo, its Chinese parent company, Geely, has been preparing an IPO towards the end of this year. The IPO is to be valued between $16-30 billion.

Volvo also recently made a decision to not offer leather in their vehicles. The material will even not be offered as an option at all.

The automaker also stated its plans to go fully electric by 2030. The executives have observed the electric vehicle market is about to be in high demand in the coming years and they intend on capitalizing on it.

Volvo’s first fully electric car, the XC40 Recharge

Volvo’s Chief Technology Officer, Henrik Green, said the company needed to switch focus: “There is no long-term future for cars with an internal combustion engine.”

“At Volvo our customers expect high levels of us when it comes to human safety and they are starting to expect exactly the same thing when it comes to planetary safety, we aim to live up to that, it’s the right thing to do,”

Volvo’s Chief Technology Officer,
Henrik Green

It seems the new logo is a way to show the new direction that Volvo is taking as a whole.

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