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Apple Watch: iPhone 13 unlocking fixed in iOS beta

by Joseph Richard
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iOS 15.1 will now restore the compatibility problems between the Apple Watch & the iPhone 13.

The trial version of the iOS 15.1 finally permits a user to unlock their apple watch just like it was.

Here comes the rescue, iOS 15.1, the savior

For several days now, the newly introduced iPhone 13 entered various markets with iOS 15. An OS that presents Apple fans with many great features. However, the same operating has been raising many questions about how to unlock the Apple watch.

Previously, many individuals were disadvantaged because the OS(iOS 15) forced them to unlock their cell phones only with a unique code. Currently, Apple users  have all the reason to smile as the Cupertino manufacturer has promised to resolve the problem, which will later be effected on iOS 15.1

True, that the future version of iOS 15  from Apple will solve the unlocking feature, and thus many Apple users will be able to benefit from it once more. For now, it will be wise to let Apple handle part of its promise in iOS 15.1

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