The price and the colors of the Google Pixel 6 & Pro leaks online for Europe Only


Rumours and spills are all over the internet concerning the awaited Pixel 6 series of smartphones from Google. At the moment, we now know the correct price of smartphones.

A range of between 600 Euros to 900 Euros

Remember that up to publishing this article; Google has not spoken Any word concerning these leaks. As per 9to5Google, Brandon Lee’s source would be “a major smartphone reseller in Europe”, and she also states that the Costs can be at least agreed upon.

Starting with the Pixel 6, it would be marketed at around 650 Euros while its near Brother will be sold at about 900 Euros. Whats more exciting is that 9to5Google claims to have confirmed the prices from a very different channel.

Considering the hardware of the Pixel 6 series of smartphones, most of us expected that the device would be dispatched at a much higher price than the ones stated above. If you remember very well, the Pixel 5 was initiated at 629 euros as its starting price. That is about an increment of 20 euros. We can depend on a better photograph module because we currently know that Google has teamed up with Samsung on the awaited smartphones.

Other novelties that we can’t fail to recognize resemble the Cost of the Pixel 6 pro, which costs a little more than its younger sibling while carefully avoiding the Ultra high-end segment of cell phones, which goes above 1000 Euros as their Starting Price. The model should come with 6.67 inches as its screen size compared to the Pixel 6, which takes 6.4 inches. It should also have a 33 W charger and a 120 Hz refresh rate.

To add, we have discovered that  Google would present the smartphones with no less than five shadings of the two models, For example, red, green, black, silver and gold. Google has always liked being unique when coming up with the names of these shadings such that on the Pixel 6 side, we discover what is called “carbon” and another “fog”. Still, we can not speak for ourselves at such times with so many rumours/leaks, it will be better if Google Confirms so.

Also to be confirmed which colors will be available in which countries. Information that we hope to obtain next October 19: it is whispered that Google would choose this date to formalize its product for marketing just a week later, October 28.