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Google has discontinued support for Internet Explorer 11.

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According to the company, Google Search no longer supports the Internet Explorer 11 web browser because “we did the math.” It’s finally time.”

Malte Ubl, a Google software engineer, announced the news on Twitter, noting that it is especially good news for the developer community:

To be clear, “ended support” does not imply that Google will no longer be accessible through Internet Explorer.

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Rather, Google will serve a trimmed-down version of the search engine that can only return basic results.

“Ended support” means that none of Google’s new features will be compatible with Internet Explorer in the future.

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That will undoubtedly be bad news for the 1.32 percent of the market that uses Internet Explorer on their desktop computer.

However, as the Google engineer points out, it is not justifiable to continue developing features for such a small market segment.

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With the release of WordPress 5.8 in July, WordPress made a similar assessment and dropped support for Internet Explorer 11.

These decisions are unlikely to have a significant impact on either company. considering Microsoft’s decision to discontinue Internet Explorer in July 2022.

Those who are still using IE will be forced to switch to a different platform sooner rather than later.

A new version of Internet Explorer has not been released since 2013, having been succeeded by the Microsoft Edge browser. Despite this, Internet Explorer 11 was still be included with the Windows operating system.

That will change with Windows 11, which will only include Microsoft Edge.

Google is abandoning Internet Explorer, and the rest of the world will follow suit soon.

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