Xiaomi has dispelled a long-held misconception about Chinese cellphones.


With the 11T Pro, Xiaomi has released a new high-end smartphone with unexpectedly strong technological features at a low price. However, there is a misconception about charging speed that Xiaomi has finally dispelled.

Smartphone makers are increasing including more robust rapid charging capabilities in their products. Xiaomi is an example of a company that is leading the charge in terms of innovation. With the 120-watt rapid charging feature, the newly released Xiaomi 11T Pro can charge from 0 to 100% in a matter of minutes. Fast charging, in particular, is thought to cause significant damage to the battery. The Verge has received an explanation from Xiaomi as to why this isn’t the case.

The Xiaomi 11T Pro’s 5 000 mAh battery is extended by the Chinese company using numerous unique technologies. As a result, while fast charging, numerous safety systems ensure that the energy storage is not overloaded. This is where temperature comes into play. The battery suffers the most when this is set too high. Dual-cell technology is employed in order to avoid this. More energy may be charged concurrently with two charging stations without causing the storm to break a sweat. Simultaneously, a greater current is provided for a longer period of time, cutting the charging time in half.

According to Xiaomi, the 5.000 mAh battery loses 20% of its capacity after 800 charge cycles with a 120-watt power source at maximum load. In comparison, Apple’s iPhone charges far slower and only takes 500 charge cycles to reach the same capacity. Even if you utilize the 120-watt charging technology on a regular basis, the loss of power in the Xiaomi 11T Pro’s life should usually be scarcely apparent.

The new Xiaomi phone 11T Pro impresses with a huge battery and quick charging technology, as well as a stunning AMOLED display with 120 Hz, a fast Qualcomm CPU, a 108 MP camera, and four years of Android upgrades. Xiaomi has released a low-cost, high-performance device.