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Best Tools to Find Emails on LinkedIn in 2021

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Linked In is one of the most significant assets for today’s corporate marketing industry. Heavy demand for lead generation & prospect building made Linked In- one of the favorite choices for B2B marketers to find emails on LinkedIn

It has become the prime spot to manifest the conversion rates to another level. Targeting speculated business profiles and their emails is one of the most efficient ways to take advantage of diverse email marketing strategies. 

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Finding emails from Linked In helps you in a lot of ways whether it involves recruiting a list of candidates or lead generation.

Still most of the time, public figures don’t share their emails & other contact information on social platforms.  Hence, to extract a bulk of effective business emails & pursue marketing strategies you need some useful tips to find emails from Linked In. Let’s have a look at the standard practices to find emails from Linked In.

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How to Find Emails on LinkedIn?

1. Browse Linkedin Profile To Find Emails

Send a connection request to the person you wish to acquire email information. Most of the time people do accept email requests even if they don’t know the person.  Whereas if the person is already on your connection list, that’s a victory already!  You just need to open his/her LinkedIn Profile and check their “Contact Info”.

2. Find emails from Linkedin and Google

Another standard method to find emails from Linked In involves gathering basic information about the prospect from Google. For example, you can extract their full name and company’s name from Google. And after acquiring their company’s name, you can visit the official website to extract all the information about their core domain name.

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These standard tricks might work for numerous email extraction still it consumes a lot of time. To make it more efficient you can try some of the leading email finder tools from Linked In. They offer a large number of email extraction leads in just a few minutes only! Isn’t it more efficient? Let’s have a look at the top 5 email finder tools on Linked In to make your list more precise.

Top 5 Tools to Find Emails on LinkedIn

  1. Aeroleads

Aeroleads is regarded as one of the leading email finder tools for email marketing these days. With a special target and focus on LinkedIn email finder software, it is considered one of the best tools to find emails from LinkedIn. Offering 10 data points along with incredible business email extraction from LinkedIn, this tool is a pro companion when it comes to linkedIn sales navigation. 

Whereas you also get 10 free trials, for further searches. Later you can buy paid subscriptions with prices starting at $49 per month for up to 1200 records to plans which offer credits upto 18000 records. It is one of the perfect tools to acquire a bulk of leads along with sales navigation access from Linked In. 

  1. Skrapp – Find Emails from LinkedIn

Skrapp is a popular Linked In email finder extension that integrates itself with your LinkedIn account. You can easily find email addresses from LinkedIn profiles and searches through this tool. You just download the extension of Skrapp, Search the profile you desire, and click on “Export with Email Finder”. 

In such a way you can save the connected emails further to your directory without any extra effort. Utilizing their bulk email finder feature you can also extract emails from multiple search pages and, it directly stores such email addresses at your given location. One of the major highlights of this tool lies in the grant of 150 free searches per month for email extraction.

  1. – Linkedin email finder is a tech-savvy tool to easily find emails from Linked In. It extracts all the business emails connected to the searched profile by the user. After choosing the desired Linked profile to browse, you just click on your target’s list from the drop-down menu leading to the “Find Emails and Save button option” It saves a lot of time & chaos via extracting the bulk of business emails addresses at once. They also offer free as well as paid membership plans which you can access from their official website.

  1. Lead Leaper 

Lead Leaper is a famous LinkedIn email finder and extractor tool that provides verified business email addresses from LinkedIn.This tool easily allows you to integrate with CRMs like Salesforce & pull out the desired emails. 

You just need to provide the LinkedIn profile of the person whose email address you wish to acquire. Rest lies on the leap leaper to proceed! Usually linked email finder tools work on single CRMs or a single browser as an extension but this email finder tool gives you the opportunity to browse diverse CRMs.

  1. SalesQL – Email Finder

SalesQL readily offers 100 free chances a month for the search of personal email addresses and email classification. It is available as a Chrome extension to find emails from Linked In. SalesQL allows you to download all your LinkedIn contact’s email addresses and phone numbers with a single click. 

It also consists of a contact manager that comes in handy whenever you need to manage your prospect’s contact list in a particular order. Altogether, it is a perfect tool to find emails from Linked In for lead generation & sales navigation.

What to do if the email address doesn’t work

If you followed all the instructions precisely & still the emails you extracted don’t work(which is fairly normal). Let’s try the following methods to thrive your email extraction once again:

  • Try Another extension: Every email finder tool uses its own custom & unique email databases. If one functional extension doesn’t give you a functional email address, then try another one.
  • Try Another Platform:  It is possible that the person might not be active on Linked In. Hence pursuing other social media platforms is a logical choice. Or you can also browse their personal websites. At such places, their emails & other contact information are mentioned too.
  • Lastly, you can send them a LinkedIn connection request. If they accept, you can either ask politely or just gather it from their contact information section on their profile.

Hope the aforementioned suggestions aided you in finding suitable prospects when you don’t possess any high-post connections. Reduced repetitive work always indicates a form of expertise & increased time efficiency in your work. Therefore all kinds of tools to find emails on Linked In will prove beneficial. 

Whether it involves finding emails to contact the recruited candidates at once or just sending a large number of cold emails to the suspected leads. You’d be at the top through these effective tools for finding emails on Linked In.

Remember having a bulk of targeted leads is a superpower when it comes to email marketing. Hence make sure you keep the skills updated with the tools to find emails from Linked In. These tools will be your closest asset & trusted companion in the world of multimedia marketing.

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