FaceTime Calls Appears To Be Operating In The UAE After A long Time Ban


Since yesterday(10/10/2021), which was a Sunday, Apple Facetime Application has been reported working Silently in the United Arab  Emirates Kingdom. This is seen after the Application was banned for almost a decade due to unknown reasons in the country…but it is rumored to be centered around ” politics.”

The Apple Facetime feature was launched back in 2010 June, and its functioning in the country has not been smooth, and this also applies to the likes of other video calling apps such as Skype and WhatsApp. Concerning the Facetime Liftoff, the UAE’s Telecommunications body & Digital Government Regulatory Authority(DGRA) has not commented on the subject, and so has the Cupertino firm remained silent. Currently, gadgets being marketed in the country, including the new iPhone 13 series, lack the Facetime calling App during its Purchase.

Following a year of postponement due to the Covid-19, Dubai inaugurated its vast world’s fair earlier this month to attract millions of tourists from around the world. Visitors may conduct WhatsApp and FaceTime conversations on the expansive Expo fairgrounds in Dubai’s southern desert. The easing of limitations has elicited no responses from authorities, and so min regard there, we can’t make assumptions of whether the Liftoff will be permanent or just for the period as far as its”world fair” is concerned.

This is not the first time Facetime has been allowed to be somewhat in operation in the country. If you recall, with iOS 13.6 rollout, during that period also, Facetime was accepted before being switched off later. As from Sunday reports, Facetime is said to be in action silently, unlike the likes of WhatsApp, Skype and other video call applications even after Apple and Microsoft tried to make peace talks with the country back in 2018 .It is better to wait and see how the turn of events will be soon.