6 Digital Marketing Trends That Can Put You In The Spotlight In 2022


Digital marketing has many moving elements. SEO may enhance exposure and organic traffic while social media can help establish a brand. In order to receive the greatest outcomes for our clients, we have to remain on top of the trends. As we approach a new decade and technology continues to evolve, we wanted to highlight the digital marketing trends we expect to see in 2022.

1. No-Click Searches (Featured Snippets)

When you have a question, you usually type it into Google, hit enter, and click on the article that best answers it.

But sometimes the solution appears in a section at the head of the result page. They generally include a photo and then all the info you want in one easy-to-read box. You already know the solution, thus there is no need to read an article. This is a no-click search. Search engines such as Google give these to keep users on their sites (and off of yours).

2. Local SEO using Google Verified Listings

Local companies, like plumbers or veterinary clinics, may use Google My Business to establish their location.

This digital marketing strategy works great for local companies, like plumbers or veterinary clinics, who may use Google My Business to establish their location.

A Google My Business listing with a geographically defined service area helps with “near me” searches. Customers discover more about your company via Google Search results. A potential consumer may discover your operating hours, address, and user ratings at a glance.

3. Voice Search

And let’s face it, some homes talk to Alexa, Siri, or Cortana as much as they talk to family members. The rise of voice search on our phones and at home has led to a dramatic shift in keyword usage. 

Consider this: we phrase our Google searches differently from our Alexa searches. Someone seeking an Indian restaurant in Raleigh can search for “Indian restaurant Raleigh” but ask Cortana “where is the closest Indian restaurant?” Choose keywords depending on queries asked by Siri or Alexa. This can boost your exposure, and it’s a growing trend in digital marketing.

4. Image Search

Instead of typing up a description, consumers may now submit a photo and acquire information about an item. A plant photo yields species information, whereas a landmark shot yields historical data. It returns similar items and where to buy them when a user searches. It turns a user’s camera into a search bar.

5. Get Online Reviews

Online reviews can help or hinder your company’s ability to acquire new clients. While companies can promote their products or services, customers can offer honest feedback. Having many verifiable reviews may set you apart from the competition and generate trust before they ever visit your website.

6. Google Ads Smart Bidding

Ads professionals constantly alter keywords, bids, and ad language to obtain the greatest results from a Google Ads campaign. But, although meticulousness produces results, it is taxing. A company owner who attempts to launch a campaign may fail due to overload.

Enter automatic bidding. These let Google utilise machine learning to examine massive amounts of user data to alter your bids in real-time. Advertisers may use automated tactics while remaining in control. Automated bidding isn’t new – Smart Bidding debuted in 2016 – however, most business owners aren’t aware of it.