Nigeria’s Klasha launches in Ghana to facilitate e-commerce and cross-border payments.


Klasha has launched in Ghana as part of its plan to expand across Africa and enable swift cross-border payments and e-commerce.

The aim of the San Francisco and Lagos-based fintech startup is to help merchants take advantage of Ghana’s $429 million e-commerce market, which is predicted to grow to $811 million by 2024.

With this expansion, the Klasha mobile app is now available in Ghana and includes new features such as instant money transfers between Ghana and Nigeria.

Klasha has also launched a multi-currency wallet, which allows users to hold, exchange, and send money in a variety of currencies for free.

Anuna founded the company in 2018 with the goal of making it easier for African consumers to purchase products directly from global fashion retailers. The company, however, has developed through time and was reintroduced in May 2021 after several iterations.

Businesses may send large payments to their suppliers overseas using local African currencies via numerous payment channels with KlashaWire, the company’s latest product offering. Within three business days, Klasha remits the funds to the suppliers in dominant currencies such as the US dollar.

Payments can be transferred to any country in the world except Libya, Somalia, Iran, Iraq, and Ukraine for a minimum transaction cost of 0.7 percent of the amount sent, according to the startup.In the coming months, Klasha plans to expand into new countries.