The iPhone USB-C is real, but when do we get it


You didn’t think you’d ever see an iPhone with a USB-C connector, did you? It is, nevertheless, feasible, and it is not, of course, Apple who is behind it. Kenny Pi demonstrates how to convert an iPhone’s exclusive Lightning connector to a universal USB-C connector in a short YouTube video. He pledges to produce a lengthier video soon that will explain how he did it.

An iPhone with a USB-C port, as Kenny Pi demonstrates, is quite functional: it can be recharged and supports file transfer via this connection. The Youtuber adds that he had to study the Apple C94 connection in-depth to create a handmade printed circuit with a USB-C female port; the primary problem is miniaturizing such a component to fit into the device’s chassis.

Will Apple drop the Lightning connector?

To unify connections and accessories on the market, the European Commission intends to mandate the USB-C port for charging electronic devices. Apple would be the most affected by such a move, given it is the only mobile business that uses a proprietary format called Lightning.

USB-C will become a required standard in 2024 if the text is approved. However, this does not imply that Apple will embrace it. We know that Apple is working on an iPhone design completely devoid of connection, relying solely on wireless technologies for charging, music, and information transmission. It’s possible that when Apple ultimately does away with Lightning, it won’t be to replace it with USB-C but to eliminate all ports.