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How to Create 3D Maps in Microsoft Excel.

If you work with Excel frequently, you are already familiar with tables. You can use the data in tables to create graphs so that data users can easily visualize trends. When dealing with data involving cities, countries, and states, maps can be used to improve data visualization. I’ll show you how to make 3D maps in Microsoft Excel in this guide.

Microsoft Excel can be used to create 3D maps.

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Creating maps is not a difficult task, and the process is also very simple. Simply follow the steps outlined below, and you’ll be good to go:

  • Navigate to the sheet where you want to add the map in Microsoft Excel.
  • Make sure you’re in the Home section by selecting any cell in your table.
  • To expand the Format as Table option in the Home section, click on it.
Create 3D Maps in Microsoft Excel
  • Decide on a look. [You can select from Light, Medium, or Dark styles, or you can create your own if you prefer. However, for the sake of simplicity, I recommend that you use the already provided styles].
Create 3D Maps in Microsoft Excel
  • Click OK.
  • In the ribbon, select the Insert option.
  • Expand the 3D Map option by clicking on it.
Create 3D Maps in Microsoft Excel
  • Choose Open 3D Maps.
Create 3D Maps in Microsoft Excel
  • To use this feature, you will be prompted to ‘Enable Data Analysis add-ins.’ Choose Enable.
Create 3D Maps in Microsoft Excel
  • You will be taken to a map where you can customize it to your liking.

By selecting any of the styles provided in the Data section, you can select different styles for the area to be marked.

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For the table’s fields, you can select Height and Category.

You can also include date and time information on the map.

  • Using the ribbon at the top, you can customize the map by selecting themes, changing map styles, adding text boxes, and so on.
  • When you’re happy with the changes, you can save the 3D map as a picture by clicking the Capture Screen icon or record it as a video by clicking the Create Video icon. The video or images can then be used in your presentations.
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