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Samsung’s Galaxy Z Flip 3 and Watch 4 reveal colors that are in turmoil

by Joseph Richard
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Samsung, in its just Concluded YouTube live stream even, the S Korean manufacturer has showcased the Galaxy Z Flip 3 dubbed as Bespoke Edition or rather a customizable version of the Galaxy Z Flip 3.  Nevertheless, the company also did not forget to mention its linked watch(the Galaxy Watch 4) by presenting a Studio version with lots of brightness.

49 combinations of Colors, Brags Samsung

The Galaxy Z Flip takes different colors on each side. The manufacturer stresses that a total of 49 distinct combinations will be possible. There are five distinct shadings presented to you here. It is also possible to change the hinge color, which can be either black or silver. The original Z Flip’s hinges were painted to match the phone’s overall color scheme. On the Samsung website, you may choose from various colors for the Galaxy Z Flip 3 Bespoke Edition.

To have it at your grasp Samsung says that he will charge you a sum of 100 Euros more compared to that of the original Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3, which we saw in the unpacked event part one. Thus this means that the second version would cost about 1159 euros.

The watch 4 was not also left out

The Galaxy Watch 4 also includes a Bespoke edition, the Galaxy Watch 4 Bespoke Studio, which provides new colors and customization choices. The Watch 4 has six dial colors to choose from, while the Classic has four. There are a variety of colors available for the bracelet and Extreme Sport, Milanese, and Ridge Sport wristbands, which are touted as being more durable.

To get a better feel of the respective Gadgets from the Bespoke event which has just concluded, the real results can be seen on the Samsung website.

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