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New 2022 Range Rover gets unveiled with modern design and engine options. 

The 2022 Range Rover has been unveiled with a new design that is sleeker and modern but also staying true to its fundamental form. According to Land Rover, it has taken five years and seven million hours of testing to get the new SUV to this point.

Redesigned rear

The new Range Rover comes in a revised MLA platform that is made up of mainly aluminium with steel in key areas. It will be offered in standard and long-wheelbase versions with four, five, six or seven seats. The front and sides look familiar with slight changes to make them look modern and current. At the rear, however, there’s a gloss black panel running between the upper part of brake lights, which combines with them seamless, especially because they are also darkened. The lower part of these lights is joined by a chrome strip which also runs the whole width of the tailgate. These back redesign will be the most distinctive defining exterior feature of the 2022 Range Rover.

Under the hood, you get a 3.0-litre diesel with 246bhp in the entry-level D250 and a 395bhp in the P400 petrol variant. 

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There is also a Plug-in Hybrid Electric (PHEV) version which adds an electric motor to the combustion engine to produce either 434bhp or 503bhp and an electric range of 62 miles (100km). Land Rover was so proud of this variant and they claim that 75 per cent of journeys can be done on electric power alone. The PHEV version achieves that 100km range thanks to a 38.2kWh battery, which comes with 50kW charging meaning it will take under an hour for an 80 per cent charge. A fully electric model is coming soon in 2024.

For top performance, Range Rover offers BMW 4.4-litre V8 delivering 523bhp and 553lb/ft of torque which will be capable of shooting from 0-62mph (0-100kmh) in a mere 4.6 seconds.

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Land Rover vehicles are known for their off-road prowess and the 2022 Range Rover stays true to that. It has a wade depth that is as good as the new Defender (900mm), the departure and approach angles of 29 and 34 degrees respectively, while the drive angles are at 45 degrees with ground clearance of 295mm and an additional 145mm lift available, in other words, this luxury SUV is well equipped to handle itself in off road scenarios. 

In addition, the new SUV has automatic air suspension which adjusts according to speed and the road ahead. There’s also an anti-roll system to stop body roll in hard cornering plus all-wheel steering for easier manoeuvrability.

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New modern dashboard

Inside the cabin, there is ‘floating’ 13.1 inch infotainment screen which Land Rover promises that 90 per cent of functions are within two clicks. Alternatively, drivers can use Alexa speech recognition to access features and there’s also wireless phone mirroring.

8 inch screens for passengers

Heads up display is present too which combines with a 13.7 inch screen for the digital instrument panel for the driver. On the other hand, passengers have 8.0 inch screens to keep them busy. 

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