Apple seems to be smiling bigger  this year, unexpected sales success


Let us not pretend but hope we agree that this year might be the biggest year for the Cupertino manufacturer. Well Apple recently reclaimed its second position, which had been taken by Xiaoimi earlier as the world second phone maker in 2021 to launch exciting gadgets back in September and October(iPhone 13s Mackbook pros and the Airpods 3).

For the past few days, Apple has been marketing its cleaning cloth for only 25 Euros(KES 3500), Might sound crazy, but that’s right, the manufacturer is doing cheaper this time around. If you order now, you will have to wait over two months for the noble cloth and will most likely not receive it until next year. With the iPhone 13, you won’t have to worry about extended delivery periods.

The photographs of the cleaning cloth on Apple’s online store, on the other hand, were and are meaningless. So many people believe in the blue. However, the first units have already been delivered to customers, who have shared accurate images of Apple’s latest surprise.

How to use Apple Cleaning cloth

The cloth is packaged in a rather big outer carton that can be readily opened on the side. The cleaning cloth is then contained within it as if it were a miniature purse. Interestingly, the cleaning cloth appears to be a rich grey in the shots rather than the official product photos. The Apple logo is understated but effective. Instead of a traditional handbook, a cardboard box with a single set of instructions in many languages is supplied. According to Apple