macOS Monterey: Several Users report memory difficulties


Users who have updated to macOS Monterey have reported many issues since the update was released on October 25. Reports of problems are coming in on Twitter, the Apple forums, and MacRumors’ forums. Users report receiving a pop-up message saying that their system is running out of memory frequently, even when their device is being used moderately, indicating a memory leak. This problem would happen on a variety of models, regardless of the amount of RAM available.

On Twitter, one individual stated that his new MacBook Pro’s 64 GB of RAM was being partially eaten by the control center, which took more than 26 GB of it. Another discovered the same thing, but this time with Firefox, which used 79.20 GB of RAM on their PC. Different complaints mention other programs, implying that the issue is with the operating system as a whole rather than individual apps.

However, the memory leak isn’t the only issue hampering the release of macOS Monterey. Some customers complain that the update on their Mac, despite being compatible, caused their gadget to cease operating, as it did after the introduction of Big Sur. The problem is said to be with Intel-powered MacBook Pro, iMac, and Mac mini computers, according to user input.

On the Apple forums, one of the more complicated methods is to restart or restore the firmware, which necessitates either a second computer with the same operating system or a higher version than the bug-affected PC. According to a member on the Apple forums, if you don’t have a second computer, you may go to an Apple Store and get the problem fixed for you.macOS Monterey 12.1 is presently in beta testing and should fix some of the issues raised by users, but it won’t be available for some weeks.