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How The Right Modular Sofa Can Enhance Your Smart Home

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The smart home is no longer just for the rich. There are new products and services arriving on the scene every day, making a connected home a reality for most Americans. As you work toward upgrading your entire home to be connected to your devices, appliances, security, and more, you will also want to update your home décor and furniture to meet the demands of a tech-savvy household.

A modular sofa is one of the best options for those who have a smart home but need to keep their décor flexible. Modular sofas are those that are made up of two or more cubes. Although they can be used to create a sectional style configuration, most people settle for modular sofas of 3 or 4 cubes. Each cube can be a seat, a reclining seat, a flip-down cup holder, or provide hidden storage.

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Most importantly, modular sofas can be moved around at will. You can separate a three-seat modular sofa into three individually placed seats whenever needed. You will also be able to shift the sofa to focus on whatever entertainment or focal point you wish, making it very versatile for entertaining. 

Modular sofas can have a lot of features, some of which will work well with your smart home. If you want your home to be universally controlled, look for a quality sofa that offers these features, like this one from 1StopBedrooms.

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Charging stations

Over 80% of the world’s population is connected by a smartphone, tablet, or other connected devices. Many people have more than one such device, with about 50% of smartphone users having no additional internet access capability.

With that many smart devices in your home, you’re going to need charging stations wherever possible. Most people recognize that there are never enough outlets, but since most devices now charge quickly and with little power input, you can get outlets installed that have several USB ports rather than two typical plugs. 

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But adding such an outlet doesn’t necessarily mean that it is convenient to access. Sofas can take up most of a wall, especially in a smaller room. That’s why couches are now coming equipped with their own charging stations. Each seat will be able to plug into the USB outlets included on the sofa, keeping your devices charged and connected even while you are lounging. These are also extremely convenient for guests.

UL listed plugins are compatible with smart outlets

Of course, for a sofa to be able to act as a charging station it must have electrical input. Look for couches that include UL-listed plugins. These are the best option for large furniture like modular sofas, and they can be plugged into any two-pronged wall outlet. If you replace your outlets with smart outlets connected to your phone, you will be able to turn the power to the sofa on and off remotely.

Built-in LED lighting

Since the sofa is already getting electricity, why not add some individual lighting options? Some modular sofas with UL plugins offer built-in LED lights that can be used for reading, crafting, sewing, crocheting, or handling other small tasks while watching television or entertaining. 


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