Omnibiz Africa Launches Buy Now Pay Later feature and MyStore App for retailers to scale their business


Omnibiz Africa, a B2B e-commerce trade startup has launched two new features, The Buy Now Pay Later feature and a new sell app called MyStore .

 The Buy Now Pay Later feature will help retailers scale their business faster by providing them with credit options to grow their business while the sell app, MyStore,  a book-keeping application for retailers will enable users   track their sales, cost, price, profit and managing their customers.

Speaking at the launch, the CEO of Omnibiz Africa, Mr. Deepankar Rustagi stated that, ‘’With the introduction of MyStore App, retailers can now replace the traditional paper-based book-keeping with the automated book-keeping app. This app will help retailers record their sales and measure their profit. They will also be able to manage their stock inventory effectively and monitor their customers with the app. There is also the advantage of being able to manage their stores online with the app when they are not physically present at their locations.’’

 He added that the credit feature, Buy Now Pay Later will help retailers scale their business as they now have access to purchase more goods and pay back after selling the products.

Omnibiz Africa recently got funding of $3m and has since began to expand the scope of its operations. The CEO reassured guests at the Product Launch event that the company is indeed committed to improving the lives of the key stakeholders in their business.

Omnibiz Africa has provided over 50,000 retailers the convenience to buy from over 500+ products Omnibiz, ensuring retailers get better Return On Investment and distributors/ manufacturers grow volume and reach through a wider distribution network. The company currently delivers to six states across Nigeria and is set to grow beyond the borders of Nigeria.