Moroccan B2B e-commerce startup Sle3ti secures $3.2 million Seed round for expansion.


Sle3ti, a Casablanca-based B2B marketplace that allows retailers to order directly from FMCG suppliers and distributors, has raised 12 million DH ($3.2 million) from the Richbond Group’s investment fund.

Founded in 2020 by Ayoub Harij and Abderrahim Zizi, Sle3ti claims to be Morocco’s first ecommerce platform, allowing shops to make orders directly with consumer goods manufacturers and distributors.

The company’s mobile app is already being used by thousands of points of sale (grocery stores) to place orders with its partner distributors.

As a result of this funding, Sle3ti will be able to accelerate its rollout across Morocco’s regions and provide high added value services to merchants and its FMCG partners.

Richmond Group, a Moroccan industrial group, is not making its first investment in a startup in Morocco. Last year, the group acquired a 40% stake in Moroccan fintech company Cash Plus from Mediterrania Capital Partners, a private equity firm.

Groupe Richbond controls a portion of the Moroccan economy. Over 3,000 people work for the company, which includes 12 industrial suites and a distribution network with almost 2,000 points of sale. Apart from its real estate division, which comprises real estate development, hotel layout, logistics, rental property, and, more recently, hotels, the company is also active in the industrial sector, mostly targeting home consumer goods in Morocco and across Africa.

“I am excited and honored to announce that Sle3ti has just completed the largest seed round fundraising for a Moroccan business with Moroccan investors. This 12MDH investment from the Richbond group’s investment fund demonstrates the enthusiasm and great interest that the Sle3ti model and growth have sparked among several Moroccan and foreign investors, but it is also a vote of confidence on the part of a reference Moroccan group that strongly believes in our growth and capacity to contribute decisively to Morocco’s digital transformation of trade and distribution,” Sle3ti’s CEO and co-founder Ayoub Harij said.