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Apple reverses its decision and introduces Face ID in the event of a third-party repair

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When it comes to fixing your iPhone screen, there are no longer mysteries. After weeks of defiance, Apple has changed its mind and will no longer prevent Face ID in the event of unauthorized repair. The iPhone 13 has a component that made third-party repairers shudder. Apple had a chip installed in the Face ID module to detect fraudulent screen repairs. What is the repercussion? Face ID was utterly disabled, forcing the user to enter the unlock code. The official repair technique necessitates using a specific tool that connects to Apple’s database, making the process time-consuming and difficult for any non-Apple-authorized repairer.

Independent repairers, whose revenue is mainly based on iPhone screen repairs, have found these challenges overwhelming. Faced with mounting pressure, Apple decided to conduct a review of its copy. According to our colleagues at The Verge, Apple has stated that a fix for the bug is on the way for iOS. It will no longer be essential to transfer the chip that prevents Face ID from working, thereby allowing third-party repairers to resume their work in peace.

The announcement came as a massive relief to the industry’s participants, who had lost a significant portion of their revenue due to the policy. This is fantastic news for both them and their customers.

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