Kenyan edtech startup Craydel secures $1 million to grow its higher education platform


Craydel, a Kenyan edtech startup that compares colleges, course options, and tuition fees, has raised $1 million in a pre-seed round to improve its search and recommendation technology, as well as expand its online resources.

Enza Capital, a private venture fund that invests in early-stage tech startups across Africa, led the investment. Future of Learning Fund, a Kenyan edtech backer; BriteGaze, a South African artificial intelligence fund; Bisk Ventures, a Silicon Valley-based venture capital firm; and Tekton Ventures, a San Francisco-based technology investment firm, are among the other investors in the round.

Kenya-based Chandaria Capital, Nigeria-based LoftyInc Afropreneurs Fund and an array of other angel investors, including founders and top executives of Africa’s leading SaaS, e-commerce and education startups, joined as well.

Manish Sardana, John Nguru, and Shayne Aman Premji, co-founders of Craydel, launched the company earlier this year. It was inspired by the lack of a reliable portal in Africa to help people make college and course selections. This provided the trio with a window of opportunity to create a platform that would solve this problem. The founders of Craydel claim that by providing students with access to a gateway that provides verifiable information on universities, they are restoring power to students.

Craydel offers students a variety of options at every level, including online certificate programs that they can enroll in to test the waters before committing to a certain career path.

The startup has worked with over 90 universities and vocational colleges in Africa and abroad, and now offers a database of over 3,000 higher education programs.

With the new funding, Craydel plans to expand its search and recommendation engine to provide more accurate recommendations, as well as develop materials to help students and professionals in their decision-making.