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Microsoft doesn’t want you to have Android Applications on its system

by Joseph Richard
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It is weeks, if not days since windows 11 was formally introduced to the manufacturer. By the way, it is easier to get an easy upgrade from windows to windows 11 if you are on the previous version. Please consider checking our guide here. The company has postponed a tool with many capabilities on its newest system, precisely support for Android apps.

Android applications were expected to be a fundamental element of Windows 11 when it was first released. A collaboration with Amazon has been formed for this purpose. The feature, however, has been postponed for the release and is only accessible to a select group of developers. Previously it was; possible to install and utilize any Android APK using the Windows 11 program “Wsatools” from the official Microsoft Store. Currently, the only catch is that it is not possible since the app can not be found.

Microsoft has pulled Wsatools software from the market without explanation, and the corporation has not responded to requests for comment. Microsoft probably doesn’t like the fact that you can install any APK on Windows 11 without having to go via the Amazon app store.

 The only question that remains so far is us questioning the integrity of Microsoft because it is them who approved the tool to be on their marketplace, and it is still them who have removed the Approved tool.

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