Kiwi Pay Group launches the largest online marketplace in Sub-Saharan Africa.


Bolloré Logistics, one of Africa’s leading transport and logistics businesses, has formed a strategic partnership with Kiwi Pay Group, a Singapore-based fintech. Kiwi Pay Group will build the largest online marketplace in Sub-Saharan Africa as a result of the new partnership.

Kiwi Pay Group has been working on a Super App for a few months and plans to launch it in Cameroon as part of a strategic partnership with Bolloré Logistics of France. This will allow them to sell millions of products from European retailers at affordable prices to the African market, as well as local payment methods such as credit cards and mobile money, as well as 4 to 5 days of air shipping to several countrywide delivery connection points.

Customers in Cameroon will be able to buy DVDs, books, computers, games, cosmetics, appliances, and millions of other SKUs through their mobile application in the coming weeks as part of this strategic partnership.

On Wednesday, the 4th in Douala, Cameroon, Kiwi Pay Group, Bolloré Logistics, and the Cameroon Customs Bureau signed a strategic agreement. Prior to that, Kiwi Pay Group had signed strategic agreements with other African economic zones, such as CEMAC and GIM-UEMOA, allowing it to transact in the local currency, FCFA.

“This strategic partnership with Bolloré Logistics and the Customs in Cameroon is allowing
us to benefit from the strong growth of the ecommerce in the country, while leveraging from
decades of experience from our partners to ensure a trustworthy experience for the
customers and compliance with the local tax system” declares FONGOD NUVAGA Edwin,
Director General of Customs in Cameroon.

Serge AGNERO, regional manager for Bolloré Transport & Logistics states “We are thrilled
to initiate this strategic partnership in Cameroon and the region with an experienced player
such as Kiwi Pay Group, to allow millions of local customers to benefit from attractive prices
from retailers in Europe, and be able to order quickly and securely the products they are
looking for, delivered at their place within a few days with our smooth service.”