The Samsung Galaxy A52 faces stiff competition from the  Samsung Galaxy A53

image credit:Unsplash

It is only a few days, if not months, before the South Korean manufacturer releases the Galaxy A53, which we obviously will perform very well in its sales and marketability. The manufacturer  is breaking a tradition with the Galaxy A53

For the thus awaited model, the 3.5mm jack connector has been removed; instead, USB-C models will be applied here if you need to use wired headphones. It is also rumored the A53 will come with a  5,000 mAh battery. The move is uncommon in that Samsung will cut battery sizes in the Galaxy S22 series. In whichever case, this should significantly improve battery life.

Because of the bigger battery, we expect that the Galaxy A53 should definitely come with 5G and a 120 Hz display in all versions. A rumor circulated a while back that the Galaxy A53 will be the first phone to include an Exynos processor with AMD graphics.

Given that the presentation isn’t scheduled until March 2022, some information on the subject should have appeared by now. Samsung’s mid-range, on the other hand, is and continues to be incredibly intriguing.