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WhatsApp videos on the Samsung Galaxy S21 have a strange issue

by Joseph Richard
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The Samsung smartphone is experiencing issues with WhatsApp videos on Android 12 precisely for the Galaxy S21 phone. Some Galaxy S21 customers claim that videos on WhatsApp on their phone display horizontal green lines despite the Cool features that Android 12 brings on the model.

At this time, the exact cause of the video issues with WhatsApp has yet to be determined. The problems were not present with Android 11.

The troubles are thought to be caused by the Exynos CPU, Android 12, and WhatsApp. What is known is that WhatsApp is banking on Android 12’s more aggressive video compression. If this is the issue, a software update may be able to resolve the matter swiftly.

A workaround can be used to send films without green lines until an official version is released. To do so, the video must be delivered in its original format. WhatsApp provides an indirect approach by sending the video as a”document.”

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