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How To Recover Deleted Files on Mac with Or Without Software

by Betty Mrunde
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We need to understand that keeping data safe from loss is very crucial. To avoid total data loss and the panic, it is essential to have data secured through backup on other storage devices. This makes it much easier to retrieve files whenever you are in need and come through during data loss emergencies that could arise from malware, corrupt files, virus attacks, etc.

With the right tools, no data loss problem cannot be resolved. Disk Drill by clever files is a data recovery software that you can use to restore lost data on all kinds devices. If you are experiencing a data loss problem on your Mac, there are sure ways to recover your files. The following are some of the methods which you can use.

Use The Time Machine Backup To Restore Deleted Files

The time machine backup allows you to recover deleted files on Mac even after emptying the trash bin. So, how does the time machine backup work?

  • Look for the time machine on the menu bar and click on it. Once this is done, launch it by choosing enter.
  • Choose the files you intend to recover using the onscreen down and up arrows.
  • Do a preview of the files by using the space bar to ensure that the files are the right ones.
  • Look for the restore icon and tap on it. This process will lead to the deleted files being restored to the previous location.

Restore Deleted Files from The Un-Emptied Trash Bin Without Backup

  • Go to the trash bin icon and click on it to check if the files deleted are still there.
  • Check through all the files in the trash bin until you locate the particular ones you are looking for.
  • Do a right-click on the selected file that you wish restored.

Other than the above-explained methods, you can also use the terminal method on Mac. The ‘undo’ option and ‘drag back’ can be successfully used in the trash bin that has not been emptied.

Recovering Files on Mac with Emptied Trash

If you are almost beginning to doubt the possibility to recover emptied trash on Mac, to some extent, don’t. This is because the workability depends on the kind of Mac book you operate. Mac book with a hard drive raises the chances of data recovery, unlike its counterpart Mac book Pro with a solid-state drive. The former does not entirely erase the traces of the file, unlike the later. However, deleting by emptying the trash bin is a done deal and you must use powerful recovery software.

Recovering Files on Mac Using Recovery Software When The Trash Is Emptied

Recovery software like the Disk Drill developed by Cleverfiles provides recovery solutions to all data loss problems. The software is highly compatible with many devices such as Android phones, iPhones, mac, PC, etc. The software is easily operable even to those not so IT skilled.

Here are the steps to recover files with Disk Drill software on your Mac.

  • To begin this process, you will need to download and install a Disk Drill for Mac. Look for the diskdrill.dmg file under downloads and double click on it. If prompted, drag the software icon to the application folder.
  • After the installation, initiate the launch. Allow the Disk Drill to scan your drive by keying in the administrator password. Continue with the basic edition. However, if the files you wish to recover surpass 500MB, you might as well upgrade to the Disk Drill pro version.
  • Select the drive to be scanned and which you want to recover your lost files. Click on the button indicated “recover” to initiate the Disk Drill scanning process.
  • The Disk Drill uses two scanning procedures, “quick scan”, and “deep scan,” which are both efficient. You will have a list of all files found during the scanning process. At this stage, you can do a preview of the files.
  • Essential is the file name, type or date, and time to be more specific in the search area. Click to preview files to check if they are error-free and complete.

Click on recover to have the files restored. It is better to be prepared for emergencies when it comes to your most important files than be sorry. Disk Drill by clever files offers you protection, backup, and successful recovery of lost data.

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