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BMW XM Concept revealed with stunning new design and most powerful hybrid engine.

Since BMW launched its first M1 in 1978, it hasn’t brought another standalone M car in more than 4 decades, until now. Meet the Concept XM, based on the largest BMW SUV, the X7, this new concept tries to blend together luxury and sporty performance in a boldly designed hybrid vehicle.

Design wise the BMW XM will feature the brand’s kidney grille. The grille is now even larger and has illuminated surrounding lights around its frame to give it a distinct look at night. Following BMW’s new split headlight design, the slim LED strips are at the top and main high beam lights below but they remain darkened until they are switched on.

The rear has L-shaped LED tail-lights that are black when not illuminated. Below them, there’s two pairs of hexagonal shaped exhausts.

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The XM’s body has a new two-tone paint finish with Space Grey lower section which is separated from the matt gold-bronze upper section.

The same theme flows into the cabin. You will find vintage brown leather at the front and a huge infotainment screen and digital instrument cluster, together they form a sporty driver focused space.

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The rear, on the other hand, has teal diamond velvet for the rear seats plus copper and carbonfibre trim elements to give a luxury atmosphere at the back, the ‘M Lounge’.

Since M series vehicles are known for their sportier performance, the XM follows the same route. It will be powered by a powerful V8 engine with total output of 750 horsepower and 737 pound-feet of torque making it the most powerful BMW on the road today. What sets this engine aside will be a plug in hybrid that can drive upto 30 miles (48 km) on battery alone. This will be the first stand-alone M series with an electric motor, it will serve as a glimpse of the electrified BMW future.

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Being a concept car, more details are scarce. However, production of the model will begin at Spartanburg, South Carolina later next year. BMW will try to stay close to the Concept car design in the production model, but expect some tweaks here and there.

Being the most powerful BMW and also among the largest, expect the pricing to be close to $200,000 considering the X7 M50i starts at $100,795 and the X6 M Competition opens at $119,695. No official price was given for the XM. 

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