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YouTube Keyword Research Has Been Made Easier Thanks to Search Insights.

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YouTube introduces a new feature designed to make keyword research easier, allowing you to create more content around topics that people are interested in.

You use Search Insights to collect information about:

  • What your target audience is looking for
  • What the average YouTube viewer is looking for
  • Each query’s estimated search volume
  • Whether there is a “content gap” for a specific search term, 

Search Insights can help with content planning because the data is a good indicator of what types of videos people want to watch.

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What Exactly Are YouTube Search Insights?

YouTube Search Insights allows creators to see what has been searched in the last 28 days.

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Because all insights are aggregated, it is not possible to track individual searches for individual users.

Search Insights is divided into two sections. First, you can use YouTube to see what your audience and channel viewers are looking for. Second, you can view all YouTube viewer searches for any keyword across thousands of topics.

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How to Make the Most of YouTube Search Insights

  • Log in to YouTube Studio and select Analytics from the left-hand menu to access Search Insights.
  • Navigate to the Research section and look for a tab titled “Your viewers’ searches” once there.

Here you’ll find the most popular searches made by your viewers or viewers of channels similar to yours.

Each search term’s data is divided into multiple columns.

The first column displays the estimated search volume for each keyword, which ranges from high to medium to low.

Another column displays the number of views your channel received in the last 28 days from searches for that keyword.

  • Then, by clicking on the “Searches across YouTube” tab, you can see what the rest of the YouTube audience is looking for.
  • To get the data, type the name of a topic or a specific keyword into the search bar.

This can be a good starting point for researching potential video ideas.

Search Insights is currently being rolled out, but keep in mind that it is still in the testing stage. That means that not everyone will have immediate access to it.

YouTube says it will make another announcement when Search Insights is made available to more users.

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