Apple’s augmented reality headset to be designed with gaming and media in mind


For the debut of its augmented reality or mixed reality headset, Apple will focus on three primary dimensions. The Cupertino firm has been generating waves in the “augmented reality” press for some months with a headset project that has yet to be properly presented.

However, according to the newest speculations from WCCFTech, the beast has a very precise orientation. Indeed, it would be a matter of designing the headset around two processors, one of which would have the same processing capacity as Apple’s M1.

We don’t know the exact reference of the two chips Apple has incorporated, and the WCCFTech source doesn’t go into depth about the CPUs’ specifications. All sensor-related calculations would be handled by the second chip.

There is also speculation of combining two 4K micro-OLED screens created by Sony, one in each eye, and there are rumors that the headgear will have both virtual and augmented reality capabilities.

It’s this “double cap” that says Apple’s headphones are primarily aimed at three industries: gaming, media, and communications. As always, it’s important to take a step back from these rumors and remember that the most vexing mystery still surrounds the price of this future headset

Apple does not appear to be ready to talk about its product at the moment: we discovered this week that at best, Apple may announce it at WWDC 2022, with a delivery date in late 2022 or early 2023. Patience.