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How has Cryptocurrency destroyed Banking services all around the world?

by Fawad Malik
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 Cryptocurrency has been a hot topic market recently as profit has become as easy as any other digital work. People buying crypto coins and selling them reasonably high when market demand peaked have become common. Cryptocurrency’s fast transactions, internet-based accessibility to everyone and its expanding demand in the international market has made it above all other modes of payments and trading.

This growing demand has become a concern as Cryptocurrency has crossed national currencies. As a result, people now prefer cryptocurrency platforms over banks for banking purposes. To know more about cryptocurrency trading, check . This trend change looks to be expected, but it concerns the government as Cryptocurrency is growing over other forms of payments in the nation’s market.

So what is the purpose of you reading this article? To know how a digital currency ruling over the traditional services can put a risk to economic markets. And How Banking Services are the ones suffering the most in this shift of demand.

What are the reasons behind the shift to Cryptocurrency?

As Basics, we know cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. Dogecoin is a digitally secured virtual currency. As any authority or central government does not control them, the value around the world is not constant and dependent on any treasure amount. Thus, standard economic factors like inflations and economic terms are not influenced. Virtual currency is secured with blockchain technology, a new addition to the security layers.

There are many reasons why Cryptocurrency is preferred over traditional currency, one of which includes digital accessibility to everyone and online payments methods, which can be done anywhere and is more profitable than visiting banks for payment verifications. Another reason is demand dependency, meaning its value is relative to how many people use it in transactions. The value of cryptocurrencies is expanding as many people join these platforms every day, increasing their demand and value, which is profitable and, hence, more attractive than traditional currency.

How are Banking services affected by cryptocurrency rise?

Cryptocurrency’s sheer advantages over traditional currency have put many national currencies at risk. However, due to internet accessibility, anyone with an internet connection can trade and invest in Cryptocurrency without going to a banking service for it physically. Cryptocurrency has also taken the lead over loan giving, making it more convenient with a 10-minute procedure and very minimal to no interest, contrasting to having to wait in lines, time-consuming paper works and high interest.

Conclusion These certain disadvantages have caused a massive drop of people approaching banks for financial purposes, dropping their generated revenue, which is a loss of a country’s economic proportion. Moreover, people with less financial knowledge tend to use Cryptocurrency rather than approaching banks for proper advice and knowledge, becoming vulnerable to phishing and other market frauds.

What precautions can be considered by Banking Services

Banking Services have lately realized how much of a challenge cryptocurrency has been giving them. To counter it, they have to match the offers and services cryptocurrency provides to its customers. Many Banks have reached up to customer service and many offers on digitally made payments. Cryptocurrency might be a futuristic alternative to the traditional payment system, but their feedback is not ideal. With fluctuating currency and considerably high market knowledge, traditional markets still provide face-to-face people.

Before the competition, banking services were lazy and often exploited people as they didn’t have much banking knowledge after digitalization and Cryptocurrency. An alternative to traditional currency, banking frauds is one of the common reasons behind the shift and failure of banking services. So, this introduction has made banking services change for a better self to survive in the competition.

In conclusion, the introduction of Cryptocurrency in the modern market has been a success, and it is seen as a significant step towards a future led by technology. However, Traditional currency and banking services are entirely based on outdated models. Therefore, an alternative or competition should always exist, which will push each other to absolute perfection and domination over world trade.


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