Android 13 would offer an app-by-app language selection, but what is the usefulness of this feature?

Android 13 offers even more customizing options.


The Android 12 stable version has only been available for a few months now. According to reports, Google is working on a new app-by-app language setting option that will be included in Android 13. This is a surprise as some of the smartphones have not yet received the Android 12 update as promised yet the manufacturer is already a step ahead working on its new OS to be released in 2022

Android Police claims that Google is working on a new “Panlingual” feature, which is purportedly in development. The feature will allow any Android user to design a language unique to each application rather than the whole system. This new option would display next to “Language and Input,” which you can currently access in the device settings.

This means that, for example, as a Swahili-speaking individual, I might be able to take advantage of Swahili as the system language and another language for Android apps without modifying the internal setting of my android device.

An update is currently being considered.

It’s vital to note that this language selection option is still in its early stages of development. As a result, its final depiction might be construed in various ways. Not to add that, even though most programs rely on the system language settings, for example, Google Maps already enables users to modify the internal language of the settings.

These new features would be handy for many individuals and particularly multitasking. For example, if android 13 had this language modification option. I might edit my Tech blogs articles in Microsoft word in one language, and at the same time, I would use another language to tweet out my tweets

Before you get excited, remember that many devices are yet to see Android 12, Android 13 will most likely take many months to arrive. As a result, nothing is clear about the new application-by-application language setting option.