The Samsung Galaxy Store also distributes dangerous applications


Most of the time, that spyware is usually detected on our smartphones, it is the Google play store that acts as the host, and now it is the Galaxy store that is playing the role of a carrier. Yeah, that is right the Samsung’s app store is rife with potentially harmful applications.

According to Max Weinbach, an Android Police writer, just a few minutes were required to identify several potentially risky apps that had their installation prevented upstream by the Play Protect tool.

Max was able to go through Showbox clones found in the Galaxy Store and surprising enough, they all had malicious files somehow. These files, or rather the Malwares, are reported by antivirus scans, along with apps that may download and launch destructive code.

On the other hand, some Applications may frustrate you by requesting a lot of needless permissions, such as access to the contact list, the call list, or phone functionality.

As reported by  Android Police, the South Korean manufacturer is not only hosting potentially harmful programs on its Galaxy store, but also they are allowing the same harmful apps to provide access to streaming movies and series, which is blatantly illegal.

As a result, be cautious while installing new apps on your smartphone. Google has been taking care to “clean up” the Play Store for a few years now to prevent dangerous apps as much as possible. Samsung should also embrace the same to provide a better environment for its Galaxy Store consumers