GeForce Now and Stadia will be natively supported on new Samsung TVs


In a blog post published on the margins of CES 2022, the company says that a portion of its new TV line will initially support many Cloud gaming apps. The game will use NVIDIA’s GeForce NOW, and Google’s Stadia merged into a “Gaming center” with unique features.

Unlike LG, which just enabled Stadia to become a part of its new TVs’ app store, Samsung will save this innovation for future devices to bring together not just the gaming as mentioned earlier cloud services, but also HDMI sources relating to your game consoles will include GeForce NOW and Stadia.,

This will be facilitated by the new feature “Gamin hub”.The South Korean manufacturer says that this new feature will allow gamers to instantly find and launch the games they love via streaming services. It’s yet unclear what type of services these companies will be able to provide on compatible TVs, as The Verge points out in its blog.

 Indeed, for example, GeForce NOW is known to reserve 4K for Shield TV multimedia box users. When questioned about it, Samsung’s head of gaming products says he’s aiming to “provide the finest possible quality of support to the platform.” Further information will be published in the weeks leading up to the launch.

Xbox Cloud Gaming is noticeably missing from the service

It’s worth noting that the Xbox Cloud Gaming service is conspicuously absent from Samsung’s portal offerings. All the more unexpected given the manufacturer’s and Microsoft’s previous collaboration on Cloud gaming. Furthermore, we know that Xbox is working to make its Game Pass library available on a growing number of devices.

Microsoft came up with this optimistic thinking last year, but it has yet to become a reality. As a result, it’s evident that the technology that enables this isn’t yet suitable for use on general-audience TVs.