Instagram Is Testing A New Feature That Allows People To Choose What Is Shown In Their Feed


Instagram last month said that it will bring back the chronological feed to the platform in 2022.

Now, the Meta-owned platform is implementing this change. The company has started partially rolling out a new feature that lets users choose what is shown in their feeds. The new feature will allow users to sort posts on their feed in a chronological manner.

Users will also be able to hide posts from accounts they don’t want to see on their feeds. The new features were announced by Instagram head Adam Mosseri on his Twitter.

In his tweets, Mosseri states that users will have three sorting options to choose from – Home, Favourites, and Following.

Home is the current setup where users see the most relevant posts according to their liking and behaviour. This is implemented by AI. The Favourites setting will only show you posts from accounts you have starred or marked as “favourite.” This allows users to filter out the endless posts from people or pages they don’t care much about.

Finally, there is a Following feed that is the one which will sort posts in chronological order. This is similar to a time when Instagram was a simpler platform where you only saw posts from people you follow unless you want to “Discover.”

Mosseri mentioned that the sorting feature will start rolling out gradually to all users. He said that if everything goes to plan, all Instagram users will get this feature by the middle of this year. If you are one of the few lucky testers and the feature is available on your app already, you can access it from a drop-down menu in the top left corner of the main screen.