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Nigeria To Lift The Ban It Imposed On Twitter As Soon As They Agree To Some Conditions

by Vanessa Waithera
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Nigeria is set to lift the Twitter ban but only as soon as they agree to some conditions.

Twitter was locked out from Nigeria for some time and now it seems they are ready to negotiate to be able to operate in the country again. The Technical Committee raised by the government to resolve the impasse between the two parties is fine-tuning the offers by the microblogger before making a final recommendation to President Muhammadu Buhari.

The President is also awaiting the report of the committee to lift the ban it imposed on Twitter on June 4, last year. It was learnt that the President has agreed in principle that Twitter’s social networking operation be restored in Nigeria.

Social media modifications.

It is no secret that most governments have been struggling to amend media laws that will censor the type of information that is sent out. Nigeria will soon amend the National Broadcasting Commission (NBC) Act to include Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp and other social media platforms.

An investigation by The Nation revealed that Twitter has complied with all the terms given by the government to restore its services.

The conditions agreed to by the firm are:

  • Open an office in Nigeria
  • Have a country representative
  • Register with the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC)/get National
  • Broadcasting Commission’s licence
  • Payment of fair taxes
  • Sensitive to national security and cohesion. It must not undermine the nation’s security
  • Train Nigerian IT personnel and strategic intelligence officers on how to report twitter abuse /infractions noticed by the government.

The Nation Online NG reports that a source told them that Twitter has met the six conditions.

Twitter will soon open an office in the country sometime this year as it has been included in this year’s budget. The social network also has a country representative who the Federal government can charge in case of any infractions.

Twitter will also comply with the country’s revenue law and start paying taxes. Twitter will soon operate in Nigeria after registering with the CAC.

The Federal Government set up a Technical Committee to resolve this issue and will make a final recommendation to Muhammadu Buhari, Nigeria’s President.

The publication also reports that the president has agreed to restore Twitter’s operations in the country.

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