Left-handed individuals will soon get the most out of their WearOS watches


WearOS has finally chosen to cater to left-handed users after a few years of deliberation. This is a novel feature that should be saved for future models.

It’s a truth that smartwatches are often made for right-handed folks in terms of button placement. To address the issue, Google is developing a “left-handed mode” that will enable the display to rotate 180 degrees.

In this manner, a watch may be worn on either the right or left wrist and provide the same comfort level. According to the discovery’s inventor, Mishaal Rahman, this new capability will be reserved for future WearOS devices.

As a reminder:

WearOS key specs

  • Latest Stable Version:2.6 (Based on Android 8. x Oreo)
  • Platforms:32-bit ARM, MIPS, x86
  • Interface: Touchscreen, depends on the manufacturer
  • OS Family: Android
  • Kernel Type: Monolithic (modified Linux kernel)
  • License Type: Apache License 2.0 Linux kernel patches under GNU GPL v2
  • Update Method: OTA
  • OS Features: Fitness and Health Monitoring
  • Touch: Yes
  • Watchface: Customizable
  • Voice Command: Google Voice
  • Personal Assistant: Google Assistant
  • Smartphone Compatibility: Android 4.3+ and iOS 9+

While this software function is beneficial, it may create hardware issues purely on particular watches, such as inscriptions on the casing. Still, from a software standpoint, this will enable users to arrange their watch more flexibly on the hand or arm side, with buttons and crowns aligned as desired.