The QR Code is in full swing and can be scanned much easier with Android 13

Is Android 13 better at integrating QR codes?

Image: Unsplash
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With Android 13, it should be more accessible than ever to scan a QR Code compared to previous generations of Android versions.

Once Android 13 is up and running on your smartphone in the coming months, the function could be accessed directly on the locked screen of the smartphone.

The 13th version of the Android Operating system is expected to be launched at the end of the year. Obviously, each year the manufacturer tries to add better features to its latest OS. Android 13 will be no exception, including better management of QR Codes.

Image : Android Police

Concretely, in addition to the Airplane mode, the management of Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, or the Lamp, the Scan QR function can be activated/deactivated with a click, thus allowing the user to scan a code, from the lock screen quickly.

For now, recall that Android 13 is still in the development stages; therefore, it is currently difficult to precisely know. Anyway thumbs up to  Google as it seems firmly committed to making life easier for users concerning QR Code.

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