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Egyptian foodtech startup 3attar raises seed funding for expansion.

by Weddy Thuranira
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3attar, a health-focused tech/e-commerce platform secures seed investment from AUC Angels, UI Investment & individual Angel Investors.The funds will be utilized to grow the company’s user base and improve its technology stack.

3attar is a B2C online platform that offers clients value through online healthy food/product ordering, delivery, diet-consultation programs, live-coaching programs, and other subscription and e-payment models.

During the COVID-19 crisis, the company expanded its product range from a few hundred to over 3,000, making it Egypt’s largest healthy-shopping destination. Its one-of-a-kind name and logo combination expanded into its own private label, which now accounts for 20% of the company’s overall income.

Mohamed Ali, founder & CEO of 3attar said “We aim to become the dominant one-stop-shop for the whole health community in Egypt and expand into Mena regions; including chronic diseases and obesity by providing a holistic healthy lifestyle app.” 

The company’s vision is to support the health community, which includes: –

 I. At-risk persons who lack the access, knowledge, and goods needed to enhance their health (customers suffering from Obesity, Diabetes, Allergies, Hypertension & more).

II. Healthy individuals, including athletes, dieters, and fitness professionals, who maintain and lead a healthy food intake and are always looking for a platform that holistically meets all of their lifestyle needs.

Eng. Tarek Roushdy, investor and board advisory member of 3attar said: “Since the huge growth in the global “health” community is reaching the Mena region rapidly, 3attar made a smart move to be the first & only platform to serve not only the health community in Egypt and Mena but also those who want to join this movement. I am glad to be part of this journey helping them to bring such value to that big market ..” 

Mariam Kamel of AUC Angels said: “The specialized e-commerce space has witnessed an increased inflow of angel investments and venture capital this past year. 3attar not only satisfies this but also strives for impact in addressing the growing trends towards healthier living.” 

The funds raised will be used to expand the company’s customer base through marketing acquisition and diversity, as well as to improve the tech stack in order to increase order volume and revenue.

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