The Steam Deck is expected to be delivered in February if all goes well


The compact Steam Deck console, officially announced last year, seems to be fine-tuning its arrival with a few days on its way. Valve, an American firm, has revealed that initial deliveries would begin this year.

Indeed, Valve tried to reassure the initial customers in a message on Steam Community, stating that shipments should begin as early as the end of February despite the worldwide pandemic and component shortages.

Rather than declaring a hard and final delivery date, Valve is being cautious, stating, “It seems that we will be able to begin shipping as early as the end of February.” To put it another way, the little console is not immune to future delays.

Valve confirmed that hundreds of dev kits have been given to developers throughout the globe and that a fresh salvo is on the way. Remember that a developer previously said that the Steam Deck console’s battery life might range from 2 to 5 hours. Steam Deck console costs around 419 euros in 64 GB eMMC version.