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MARAMOJA partners with Switchlink Africa to provide access to credit and insurance services as it opens its API

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Kenya’s MARAMOJA  an AI-powered transport and logistics platform  has entered into a partnership with Switchlink Africa to provide access to access to credit and insurance services as it opens its API

Fintechs and Insurtechs will have an opportunity to connect to MARAMOJA’s ecosystem via a single API and Third-Party Service Providers (such as Petrol Stations, Garages, Service Centers, Car Wash, Car Spares, Car Tracking, etc.) will be able to connect directly with MARAMOJA’s drivers’ partners in the platform.

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Similarly, customers who will not have money to pay for their rides will have an opportunity to take rides on credit as well as purchase additional insurance covers and other products through the API.

In this partnership, Switchlink Africa will build the system that will enable the service providers to plug into MARAMOJA’s ecosystem and enable them to provide credit and access insurance services among others:

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“Switchlink Africa team is looking forward to working with MARAMOJA. The MARAMOJA platform will potentially connect millions of users in the continent providing exciting opportunities for the ecosystem. Our team eagerly awaits what’s to come with this partnership,” says David Waruinge, General Manager, Switchlink Africa.

On the other hand, Ronald Mahondo, CEO of MARAMOJA Transport Limited, says the new partnership with Switchlink Africa to make MARAMOJA’s API’s open is a new strategy to unlock value in the ecosystem, with the potential of growing the customer base, increasing their lifetime value as well as enabling them to access more services on the go:

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“We’re super excited to partner with Switchlink Africa to take advantage of the speed and flexibility of their solutions. We can’t wait to launch the Open API that will make it easy for anyone to connect with our ecosystem and to further the shared mission of unlocking value (by increasing access to financial, insurance, and other products in our ecosystem) in the process of solving the challenges facing Africa’s (and Emerging Markets) transport and logistics industry.”

Mr. Mahondo notes that making the API open will enable clients/ riders to get rides on credit while drivers will be able to get cash advances and access credit facilities based on their activity in the app:

“This API will enable MARAMOJA drivers to access their funds much faster, get affordable credit facilities and discounted products and services. Allowing funds to move quickly in respect to time-sensitive needs for working capital, emergencies, and similar expenses and may potentially improve the quality of service in the platform. MARAMOJA’s retail clients will also get rides on credit and have the opportunity to access other financial and insurance products even when they don’t have cash”.

How it will Work

You will be able to use the MARAMOJA app to acquire and repay loans from within the platform, avoiding the need for a third-party site.

A lender will seamlessly offer you a credit limit/discount, but you don’t have to borrow the entire amount. You just use what you need.

Your credit limit will be determined by your financial strength, your activity on the platform, and your credit history. However, some lenders may extend this limit depending on their credit policies or if you can demonstrate another means of being able to repay what you borrow.

Similarly, service providers will utilize the same mechanisms to give you discounts and buy now pay later programs (BNPL).

DeFi ready- Embedded Finance

MARAMOJA clients will enjoy embedded credit, finance, and lending facilities, which will enable them to access loans, financial offerings, and credit as an in-app experience increasing digital financial inclusion in the process.

Currently, MARAMOJA has partnerships with fintech companies including Imalipay, Power, Pezesha; and Insurtech companies including Afya Poa and Motisure. Through this API all these partners will be able to tap into the MARAMOJA ecosystem seamlessly. At the same time, MARAMOJA is currently piloting a DeFi instrument through a partnership with Symplify and Bitlipa which will unlock alternative financing opportunities and enable more DeFi players to plug into the ecosystem- Decentralized Finance (DeFi) enables transparent transactions using peer-to-peer interaction via smart contracts on a blockchain making products and services available on a decentralized public network.

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