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MediaTek has introduced Wi-Fi 7, which is faster than Wi-Fi 6E

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For the first time, Taiwanese firm MediaTek has displayed the promise of Wi-Fi 7, which will be accessed as early as 2023. While we expected the IEEE 802.11be commercial standard to be issued in 2024, with devices equipped in the same year or maybe 2025, MediaTek made an announcement much sooner. According to MediaTek, the first gadgets using Wi-Fi 7 “should come” on the market in 2023.

On the occasion of its introduction, MediaTek demonstrated how its Wi-Fi 7 Filogic technology could fully use the IEEE 802.11be standard’s full capability, including multi-link operating technology. In comparison to Wi-Fi 6, particularly the current, already extreme standard, Wi-Fi 6E, the Wi-Fi 7 promises faster speeds and reduced latencies.

The multi-link operating technology has a significant advantage in that it combines many channels on various frequency bands (2.4 GHz, 5 GHz, and 6 GHz) at the same time, allowing network traffic to flow more smoothly. In this way, Wi-Fi 7 will get us closer than ever to our Internet boxes’ “actual” speeds.

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Wi-Fi 7’s prospective benefits

Even with the same number of antennae, MediaTek maintains its earlier claims, claiming that Wi-Fi 7 speeds are 2.4 times faster than Wi-Fi 6 as  Wi-Fi 7 can utilize 320 MHz channels. It’s also one of the best classes since it uses 4K quadrature amplitude modulation technology. This signal modulation method allows for higher data rates( 30 Gbit/s!)

In terms of applications, the manufacturer is thinking about developing technologies required in the future. Several examples include augmented reality, virtual reality, the metaverse, 4K calls, and video, 8K streaming, and all other real-time activities.

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