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Google intends to make an augmented reality headgear as well, just like Meta

Every tech giant now wants to at least have an augmented reality headset in its hands. At first, it started with the Cupertino firm, Facebook now meta, Microsoft, and even Google want to have its shares on this.

We have been talking about the rumors concerning Apple’s augmented reality headset on the web and here also on TechMoran for quite an aw while. It is time to shift our attention to what Google has in store for us.

Until this point, we had not had much information about Google’s ambitions in this respect, even though Google Glass has worked as a forerunner. It is the verge who first published Googles project dubbed as “Project Iris” that will later be commercialized in 2024

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According to information from the  American media, the device’s earliest prototypes would resemble ski goggles. Assuming the availability of a battery, they would not need a connected connection to an external power source.

The headgear would be powered by a custom microprocessor yet to be named. Google has just entered this market with its Tensor SoC for Pixel 6, which was developed in partnership with Samsung, and it should not be the last.

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Augmented reality may need a lot of processing power, and Google has already solved this issue by adopting a system that is similar to cloud computing. It would include employing its data centers to remotely oversee the most demanding operations and create the most complex representations, then sending the output to the headset through an Internet connection.

In the following months and years, Google expects to recruit hundreds more individuals to help develop this virtual reality gear. Currently, the project’s management staff numbers over 300 employees.

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