Logitech introduces the POP line, which includes a unique keyboard and mouse


Logitech seems to be playing against its own rules at the moment. A few gadgets from the manufacturer, especially those mainly used in offices, seem to have deviated from the norm; nonetheless, the manufacturer has done so with its POP line, which includes an unusual-looking keyboard and a more traditional but “cute” mouse.

With its POP Keys keyboard from the Logitech Studio range, Logitech reinterprets the typewriter in its unique style, far from the conventional keyboard. It has a retro-modern aesthetic with spherical keys placed on TTC-signed mechanical switches and sensible use of various colors for the keys, the keyboard base, and the plate on which the switches sit. The POP Keys and POP Mouse come in three different colors.

The POP Keys’ purpose is not just to provide an appealing design and introduce “character, excitement, and self-expression to any work routine,” but also to ensure that productivity is not compromised. The FN key, as well as the Snip Screen, Mute Mic, and Media buttons, now have 12 additional keyboard shortcuts.

On the right side of the keyboard, there are four emoji keys. They may be swapped out using four additional keys on the keyboard box. Finally, the benefit of mechanical switches, even though they are theoretically a bit louder, rests as much in the typing feel as in their service life, which is guaranteed for 50 million activations

Let us also explain that, even though this was not the case with the brand’s most recent goods, the wireless keyboard is compatible with the new Logi Bolt dongle. The POP Keys, like the MX Keys, lets the user associate it with three different devices using the Easy-Switch feature, either by Bluetooth or via the dongle, and switch between them using three distinct buttons. All of this will be made possible by the Logitech Options program, which will allow us to utilize the “Flow” feature with the Logitech mouse, including the new POP Mouse.

The POP Mouse

 It comes with the Logitech Desk Mat mouse pad, a fundamental and highly tiny design that takes the keyboard’s colors. Its design is similar to the Logitech Pebble in portability. Still, the POP Mouse takes a step further by including the SmartWheel wheel, which enables you to immediately convert from “high accuracy” to “rapid scrolling” mode. The POP Keys & Mouse are available now for € 99 and € 39.99, respectively.