Kenyan logistics startup Amitruck secures $4M seed funding for expansion.


Amitruck, a Kenyan tech-enabled logistics platform that enables shippers streamline the shipping market, has secured $4 million in funding.

After securing $4 million in seed funding, the firm, which has successfully established itself in Kenya, is looking to improve its operations, technical, and sales teams in order to set the ground for its entry into Uganda and Tanzania markets.

The expansion strategy is a step toward becoming the regional go-to platform for in-country and cross-border carriers and shippers.

The most significant goal of the round, according to Mark Mwangi, founder and CEO of Amitruck, is to hire.

As they begin their development into other African countries, he noted, they are also aiming to upgrade their technology.

Better Tomorrow Ventures (BTV) led the seed round, which included a number of other investors including Dynamo Ventures, Flexport Inc, Rackhouse Venture Capital, Knuru Capital, Uncovered Fund, Launch Africa Ventures, and a number of angel investors.

Amitruck, a digital logistics platform that was founded and launched in 2019, connects shippers with carriers that handle trucks, tuk-tuks (three-wheelers), vans, motorbikes, and pick-ups, allowing them to negotiate haulage rates.

Shippers can also customize services on the platform, such as adding off-loading charges.

There’s a section dedicated to transporter ratings and the average number of trips made on the platform, as well as other information that might help shippers make smarter decisions. The procedure begins once both parties have reached an agreement.