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7 Best Romantic Movies To Watch On Netflix


Looking for a romantic movie to watch on Netflix?

Ahhh…romance. There are few things more hard-wired in all of us than the desire to find a soulmate and a few more common motivating principles in movies. We’ve dug through all 649 of the romantic movies on Netflix to find the best, including rom-com classics, tear-jerkers, Netflix originals, Bollywood romances, LGBTQ+ love stories and more.


Two unlucky-in-love adults (Emma Roberts and Luke Bracey) find themselves constantly bothered by relatives and friends when they show up to holiday parties single. So, they come up with an unconventional solution: be each other’s platonic dates to all the holiday get-togethers. It works like a charm…until they accidentally catch feelings.

2. The Perfect Date

A high school student, played by Noah Centineo, needs money for expensive college tuition ASAP. To get some fast cash, he creates an app that allows him to take girls on dates, promising he’ll be their perfect escort in exchange for a small fee. What could go wrong?

3. To all the boys I’ve loved before

Teenager Lara Jean Covey (Lana Condor) is a hopeless romantic. She writes love letters to her crushes, never intending to send them. But, one day, her letters get mysteriously delivered to the various recipients (gasp!). Drama ensues, forcing her to explain the, uh, awkward situation to each of her crushes.

4. The kissing booth

Elle (Joey King) and Lee have been best friends their entire lives. Their friendship has rules, though, and a big one? Lee’s hot older brother, Noah, is romantically off-limits for Elle. But, that doesn’t stop her from having a crush…

5. Always be my maybe

Two childhood friends (Ally Wong and Randall Park) reconnect in San Francisco after several years without seeing each other. They’re both in different places in their lives, so they’re forced to reconsider what a potential relationship could mean after experiencing an unexpected romantic spark.

6.Malcolm and Marie

In this somewhat troubling, though steamy, relationship depiction, filmmaker Malcolm becomes famous by telling the story of his girlfriend, Marie’s, life. The entire movie follows one night in their relationship—it just so happens that one night was a turning point.

7. Letters to Juliet

When a couple travels to Verona, Italy for a long-term stay, the woman (Amanda Seyfried—yes, again!) gets involved in a plan to find an older woman’s long-lost lover from the year 1957. Drama ensues, and some characters find unexpected romance in the process. Sounds about right.